Donor Families

Supporting Donor Families

DCIDS offers support for families of those who have given the precious gift of life through organ donation.

For those who are learning to live with their loss during the initial months and in the year following their loved one’s death, our staff will supply each family with support, care, and guidance through phone calls, correspondence, activities, and events that honor the loved ones who gave the gift of life. Beyond the initial hospital contact, our Family Care Coordinators are available to assist families with an assortment of bereavement materials, direct them to local support groups, and provide information about the recipients who were given the gift of life. If requested, we can also coordinate anonymous correspondence to the recipients when the donor families are ready to do so.

Donor Family Recognition Ceremony

For those donors who gave the gift of life, we annually give thanks to recent donors and their families during a Donor Family Recognition Ceremony.  To pay tribute to the donors, the ceremonies may include special speakers, a presentation of the loved ones who donated, and a special memorial to celebrate their gift of life.

For more information about local Family support or Donor Recognition Ceremonies, please visit: