Tissue Recovery

DCIDS’ Tissue Banks are fully accredited by AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks) to recover tissue in all hospitals in our service area.  We adhere to strict FDA and AATB guidelines to insure optimal safety to the transplant recipient.

Tissues that can be donated are:


Donated corneas help restore sight to individuals suffering from corneal blindness or trauma to the eye.

Musculoskletal Tissue

Bones and tendons can be used to replace or reconstruct tissue destroyed by tumors, trauma or infection.  They are also used in many sports and dental related surgeries such as ACL repairs, dental implants and knee or hip replacements.

Heart Valves

Every year 35,000 children are born with a congenital heart defect and are in need of some type of reconstructive surgery. When used in young patients, these donated heart valves can actually “grow” with the recipient and reduce the need for repeated surgeries.


Donated veins/arteries can be used in patients who require coronary artery bypass surgery, a routine procedure that saves thousands of lives and allows these individuals to return to their normal lifestyles. For individuals suffering from diabetes or other diseases that cause a decrease in the blood flow, surgeons may use donated veins to repair damaged vessels and restore blood flow — in many cases saving a recipient’s leg from amputation.


Donated skin is critically needed for patients suffering from burns or trauma.  Other important uses include breast reconstruction and hernia repair.