Donovan Degalau

Donovan Degelau, a tissue recipient who had an ACL replacement (16 years ago) after a recurring volleyball injury. The surgery provided him with an opportunity to get back into cycling (along with an active lifestyle) and participate in races and events. He enjoys these because it gives him the chance to honor his dad –

Winnie Bender

The year was 1970. Liver transplants were still in the experimental stage. Winnie Bender had a recurring disease where her own body was attacking her liver. She was told she would need a liver transplant within five years to survive. But, it wasn’t until twenty years later, in 1990, that Winnie’s liver finally gave out.

Tiffany Ellison

Mrs. California, Tiffany Ellison of Folsom, believes dreams do come true. As she heads to the Mrs. America competition in Tuscon, Arizona on September 2, she holds fast to her belief that she will be crowned and her 10-year-old son, Connor will be healthy again. Connor was born with a deadly liver disease – congenital

Don Phillips

The Phillips’ Story In 1992, Don and Cindy never imagined life could be better. Everything was going well; they were healthy, young, active and in-love. But by 1998, Don began coughing and feeling sick. One of his daily regimes was jogging to the car every time he would leave his building at work. Soon his

Tony and Sylvia Dinozo

Sylvia Dinozo, a 44-year-old mother of two, suffers from end stage kidney disease and needs a life-saving transplant. In June of 2002, Sylvia began experiencing health problems which forced her to quit her two jobs – one at Sutter Davis Hospital and the other as a cosmetologist. Sylvia started dialysis in August. “My sincerest wish


Susan found out that she needed a kidney transplant due to a rare kidney disease called Focal Segmental Necrotizing Glomerulonephritis. She was on dialysis for 3 ½ years before receiving a kidney on June 1, 2005. Through the generosity of a young man’s family, she was given the gift of life two weeks before her