The Power of Purpose

Two years ago, we had the pleasure of working with a 6-week-old, little boy who was in need of a heart transplant. And this week, he’s celebrating his 2nd birthday!

Andrew Hagewood, was born with an enlarged heart, which put him at the top of the transplant list – almost immediately after being born to a family from White House, Tennessee.  Doctors were temporarily able to keep Andrew alive with the help of a heart and lung bypass machine called an ECMO.

“Overtime, [the] risk of a complication gets a little higher every day you’re on it, so if we were waiting for a heart,” Dr. John Pietsch of Vanderbilt University Medical Center said.

The Hagewood’s and their three other children use their experience to send an important message to others about organ donation.


“Please sign-up on the donor registry, or consider organ and tissue donation, it’s a life-saving miracle that you can participate in ; trust us, we know for a fact.” 

Leave a word of encouragement for the Hagewood family on this post or learn more about the Hagewood family here.The power of purpose is something we experience each time we have a chance to see what organ and tissue donation can do – save and enhance lives.