National Donor Day Means Loving In A New Way

On this day – and every day – signing up to be an Organ and Tissue donor, is a phenomenal way to share love and the gift of life with hundreds of others.  I can think of no better way to express love than to celebrate National Donor Day and commit to signing the donor registry.

Established in 1998, National Donor Day encourages all Americans to register as donors of organs and tissue. Though millions in the United States have signed up to be a donor in the last 15 years, there is still a vast disparity in the number of people needing organs and tissue and what is actually available.

Tissue donation specifically has the power to save and enhance hundreds of lives from a singular decision to become a donor.  Bones, tendons, ligaments, heart valves, corneas, and skin are donated everyday to help those who need their lives restored – getting them back in the game of life.  These one-of-a-kind gifts repair and restore function to knees, backs, shoulders, ankles, hips, hearts and sight.  When you say yes, others receive your gift and carry forward your legacy of generosity and love.  What better way to celebrate this holiday than by telling those that matter most, “I’m a donor.”

At DCI Donor Services, we have the unique ability to work within our sister organizations, organ procurement organizations and our tissue bank  – DCI Donor Services Tissue Bank – which serves as our community’s tissue bank.  We take great care in preparing these wonderful gifts for transplant.  Last year over 2400 donations were shepherded and cared for on their way to more than 38,000 transplant patients.  Imagine Boston’s Fenway Park being filled to capacity, that’s how many recipients received the gift of life last year through our tissue bank alone. With your help we could fill The University of Tennessee’s football stadium.  But we can’t fulfill our mission and combat the staggering disparity in those who need transplants and available organs and tissue without your help.

There are more than 100 accredited tissue banks serving local communities all over the United States.  Organization like ours, are committed to making these gifts of life available to those in need.  We are charged with a great responsibility, as stewards of the gift, to ensure each donation and tissue transplant are safe and appropriate for the intended use.  It is a great profession, Tissue Banking, touching so many lives in a positive way, sharing our passion for the work by caring for these gifts, ensuring they get to those in need of a transplant.   Every day we respond to those who have made the decision to donate their Organs and Tissues to others. We see the power of restored lives and the results for the greatest expression of love.

I encourage you to visit today and join the 1.6 million Tennesseans who are already committed to giving the gift of life. It’s easy, and this small gesture can make a massive impact—and save someone’s life.

This Valentine’s day, be the hero you are intended to be, sign up to be an Organ and Tissue donor.